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    Alyssa Doubleday

    One thing we noticed with course sets is that in catalog they defaulted to be viewed as expanded. We thought about adding core courses as course sets to each major (one set for math core courses, one set for science, etc.) However, this made the major super long, since the sets had to be viewed as expanded. That was last year - not sure if anything has changed since then.


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    James Wigginton

    We avoid course sets (we have a couple of exceptions) and do not use rule sets, for a few reasons:

    • there is no way for a user to propose changes
    • there is no associated workflow
    • they add extra complexity for proposers who may not understand why they can't make changes to the set

    Instead, we inherit course lists from our 'Experiences' content items so changes can be made and proceed through workflow. This does limit how we can use the courses though. 

    The few places we use course sets, it was so we could label a group of courses in a particular way.

    I would love to hear how other schools manage changes to these sets.


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    Amy Ramirez

    We use course sets to help us with repeated lists across programs and, for our web integration using the API, to handle "choose one from list" rules. The two types of course sets we use:

    1. Core category courses
    2. elective lists

    Example program in our catalog and on our website that uses both Core and Elective type lists, so you can see the display differences (if you want)

    In Kuali CM, the view of the sets is expand/collapse. In the Kuali Catalog, it is shown in expanded view only, which we don't like - makes for a long-scrolling view. Kuali has said they are working on improving the catalog view.

    Important to know - while the course set indicates a versioning "start term" and ability to update the list with new start terms, the versioning/effective dating does not actually impact what you see in the rule if you are using in a program or course. You will have to create a NEW course set and update the rule to attach the new course set. When we propose a change to a program, even if to just add a new elective or update Core, we create the new course set and attach to the program during the proposal review process.

    Also, the Course Sets list (in system settings) is not searchable (like you can with Option Types) or sortable by column header. Not really sure why not. It is a bit frustrating to use.

    If you have any suggestions or ideas, please share!

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