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    Susan Dennis

    Hi there,  At Boise State we utilize proposal groups.  We would like them to do more, but the biggest advantages are being able to group curriculum - courses and programs together for one "program" AND that in a proposal group - if used say, in a committee meeting - voting can be done straight from the group list without going out and back into every course and/or program.  Has been really great.  Susan

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    Amy Ramirez

    My wish list (as it stands right now) is something that combines the agenda and proposal group. 

    Proposal groups -

    • pros - you are able to VOTE directly from the list.
    • cons - you cannot change the ordering of the list, you cannot archive the list, you cannot "acknowledge" from the list.


    • pros - you can custom order the list, you can archive the list
    • cons - you cannot make any decisions directly from the list

    New thing: PropAgenda (haha)

    • custom ordering, spacing
    • vote, acknowledge
    • archive

    It is very possible that I am too new at using Kuali to understand why my idea would not be so great in actual use. If anyone wants to add to or counter my idea, please chime in.

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    Katie Jensen-Ord

    I agree with the others - we have been lightly using the proposal groups to combine program and course approvals together to track that they are going to our university governance process at the same time.  I do agree that if it were more integrated into the forms or the agendas, it might have some added value. 

    I think one of our challenges that unless you rely on it heavily, it's easy to forget that the feature exists. :-) 

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